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the perfect team challenge

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Escape Rooms Belfast

Home  of the  most popular escape rooms in Belfast,

The Diamond Heist , Major Plott’s Revenge and The Time Machine .

They are  the top rated fun things to do in Belfast on Tripadvisor.

frequently asked questions

How Much Does it Cost ?

We have set out approximate cost per person in the table below. The games cost more depending on how many players in a team. As the number of players rises , the cost per person lowers. Our Fridays and Saturdays sell out in advance, so we have discounted Sunday to Thursday to encourage more people to book on our quieter days.

What Game should we play if we have "x" many people ?

We have put down some suggested game combinations depending on your group size. They are only suggestions but will give you an idea to of how to split up your group. Team challenges can be played  our Diamond Heist, Time Machine or Major Plott games.


Please note our DIAMOND HEIST games are located at 22 HIGH STREET, 2 minutes walk away from the Major Plott and Time Machine games at 33 Church Lane. You should probably plan to arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your start time or 10 to 15 minutes before if you have a larger group.

What are escape games ?

Escape games are team games for typically 4 or 5 players per team.
The teams are locked in a room and given 60 minutes to complete a “mission” and escape from the room.

Where are you located ?

We are located directly in Belfast City Centre.
We are in the pedestrian zone, around 30 seconds from Victoria Shopping Centre.

How many people can play in Escape Rooms Belfast at one time ?

We have 6 different rooms that can accommodate up to 35 players at one time.

How long does it take ?

The escape games take around about an hour , but you should add around 10 minutes before the games for introductions and last minute bathroom breaks, and around 10 minutes at the end, for photos in the rooms or just in case one team is slower.

How much does it cost ?

Have a look at the pricing table

Can we get a group discount ?

All Sunday to Thursday bookings are now considered OFF PEAK and as such are discounted by around 15%.

Do we have to pay when we book ?

We can take a group booking without taking a deposit. We just ask that all group bookings are paid for at least 2 weeks in advance.
That way , we can be pretty flexible about group numbers.
We can pencil in your group booking just now and firm up the numbers closer to the actual date of the party.

Why choose Escape Rooms Belfast ?

We have the best location of any escape rooms in Belfast.
We are the only place that teams can play the same games and compete to see who can finish fastest.
We are the only place that can accommodate large groups up to 35ppl in a any one session.
We are the highest rated on Tripadvisor.
Our staff are probably some of the most experienced games masters in the UK.
Most of all, our games are fun , and we really want your the escape rooms part of your day to be brilliant and memorable.

number of players games suggestions

major plott (MP),
time machine
or diamond heist (DH)

peak price
off peak price
2 player game any game £20pp £17pp
3 player game any game £17pp £14.50pp
4 player game any game £15pp £13pp
5 player game any game £14pp £12pp
6 player game  any game £13pp £11pp
7 player game DH only £12pp £10.50pp
8 player challenge 4 player vs 4  player £14pp £12pp
9 player challenge 5 player vs 4 player £14pp £12pp
10 player challenge 5 player vs 5 player £14pp £12pp
11 player challenge 6 player vs 5 player £14pp £12pp
12 player challenge 6 player vs 6 player £13pp £11pp
13 player game 7 vs 6 in DH only £13pp £11pp
14 player game 7 vs 7 in DH only £12pp £10.50pp
15-18 players any 3 games £14pp £12pp
19-24 players any 4 games £13pp £11pp
25-36 players any 5 or 6 games £12.50pp £11pp

feel free to contact us

with any queries.

we will reply ASAP.