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the perfect team challenge

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Game of Thrones Escape Room Belfast

Escape Rooms Belfast

Game of Thrones Escape Room

Coming Soon

We are only weeks away from finishing our GOT inspired escape room in Belfast City Centre. We first mooted our idea to create a Game of Thrones inspired escape game around about 2 1/2 years ago. The plan was to put it in 3 rooms and replace Major Plott’s revenge. However Major Plott has proved to be Belfast’s most popular escape game ever and people have just kept booking these last 3 years.

So we decided to look for another venue to house our Game of Thrones escape game. Getting the right location in Belfast city centre has proved to be a difficult. We really wanted to be close to our other venues, but rents in and around the Cathedral Quarter have been ever rising since we came to Belfast. It  probably has become one of the most expensive areas to rent a commercial property in Belfast.

But around 6 months ago , we found an abandoned tattoo studio in Pottingers Entry. Our Game of Thrones inspired escape  game was back on. Being massive GOT fans, it was exciting to bring our project back to life.

So we have been working tirelessly to bring our project from the idea stage to the real life escape room stage.

Quite alot has happened in the Game of Thrones realm since we originally had the idea to make a GOT escape room. There have been many battles, deaths, dragons and well, THAT ending.

I think that our first idea of game of Thrones escape room would have been to take some aspect of a story from the series and let players re enact it in some way..

Theres quite alot you can do in an hour after all..

save John Snow from the Nights Watch traitors..

free Daenerys from the house of the undying..

free yourself from Ramsay Bolton’s dungeon..

save a drunk dwarf from a mad queen..

The list for GOT fans could be endless . We could even change THAT ending.

However , we decided after a night of snow patrol (wandering through Belfast pubs and see who we could spot from the HBO show ) that we would do none of the above.

In fact, we decided that we would delve deep into the dark depths of Westeros history , many centuries before the Game of Thrones stories, characters and worlds that we all know and love.

There was no John snow, Daenerys, Tyrian, Jaime , Brienne or Cersei, Arya or countless other heroes and villains that we all know and love.

However there were dragons, Houses Stark and Lanister , white walkers, Men of the Night’s watch , Grand Maesters and there was DRAGONSTONE…

We are going to take you on an adventure to Dragonstone, where the future of Westeros will be in your hands . Will you be able to thwart the White walkers attempt to get the last dragon eggs in the world. Will you be able to put the dragons eggs safe so that they might be able to help the future generations in their hour of need..

We , that are Escape Rooms Belfast, are happy too announce our new Game of Thrones inspried Escape Room will be coming soon.

Dragonstone is coming…





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