Choose one of the rooms below to escape from. Each room is a different game and has a unique theme and story. You have 60 minutes to complete your mission and escape from the room.  To book an escape room , click book now.



Just over a hundred years ago, Prince Nalwadi found the biggest diamond in the world. Shortly after, both he and the diamond disappeared forever. A treasure hunter called Bugsy the Hat thinks that he has found the long lost chamber of Prince Nalwadi. He’s looking to employ a crew to help him find and steal Prince Nalwadi’s Diamond. Will you be able to steal the diamond before the cops come. You will have 60 minutes.

*This game is located 22 High Street. It is available in 2 rooms and each room can hold between 2 and  7 people. Its perfect for a team challenge of up to 14 people.


This is not suitable for groups of children under 15 years old without an adult playing.



Major Plott used to run the best spy ring in the world. The  Belfast Secret Service infiltrated his spy ring. His bosses werent impressed and sent him to jail in Siberia. But he has escaped and has come back to Belfast looking for revenge. The Secret Service are looking for a top team to go into his office and steal his secret revenge plan. You only have 60 minutes before he returns. Will you be able to steal his secret plan and save Belfast?

Major Plott’s  Revenge is located at 33 Church lane. It is our most popular game and is run in 3 different rooms. Up to 3 teams , or maximum of 16 ppl can play this game in Team Challenges. Or up to 6ppl can just book one room and do the game on their own.

This is not suitable for groups of children under 12 years old.



The Evil Emporer Zarg is trying to make a miniturisation machine.  The entire Storr galaxy has gone missing. The Time Agency think that Zarg has miniturised it.  They have already lost their top agents on this mission, Bowie and Powers. They want your team  to go in and see what has been going on and maybe retrieve the Storr Galaxy along the way?

*This game is located 33 Church Lane. It’s our most difficult game and we dont recommened it to first timers. It is also our most technologically advanced game, with quite a lot of cool electronic tricks.

This game is a one off, a completely wacky zany sci fi caper. It is only in one room for between 2 and 5 players.

This is not suitable for groups of children under 15 years old.