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Why Choose Escape rooms for Team Building Activities in Belfast ?

Team Building Belfast has never been more fun or more easy.. All over the world in practically every city the number one fun thing to do on tripadvisor is usually an escape room. 

Escape rooms are a fairly affordable activity. Compared to other team building activities in Belfast City Centre , you could actually say that £12 per person  is pretty cheap.

One major selling point for escape rooms is that they are GREAT FOR ALL AGE GROUPS. Its definitely one of the best team building activities with very little physical activity involved  . You have to use your wits to try and use whatever is in the room. Everyone is on a level playing field , young and old.   There’s also  very little  chance of anyone spraining an ankle and ending  up being off work sick. Escape rooms team building events are  extremely safe bet for HR departments.


This is a fun team building activity that creates a buzz before and after the event.

95% of players in team building teams have never played an escape room before. That actually leads to a fair bit of prior  interest before your team building event. People are genuinely curious about what they are going to have to do and that can lead to a fair bit of conversation within your team  the before the event. That leads me on to what we see as the most important part of any team building event. 

Your Team Building Belfast escape room experience  is  something that your team will talk about long after their debrief.

Your Event Logistics

If you have under 8 people, just chose which ever game suits your number of players . They are all fun and challenging. The Diamond Heist is our largest game  so we say it can take take up to 7 players maximum in a team. 

The other rooms have a maximum of 6 players in a team. So for teams of 6 people or less, you have plenty of choices. Just choose your game and your whole team will be in the one escape room  racing against the clock. Will your team be clever enough manage to steal their prize and escape within 60 minutes ?

If you have between 8 and 18 players , then that’s when the competitive players get a chance to shine. Teams can then play head to head in our  Team challenge games. We have 2 diamond Heist games (up to 14 players  between 2 teams), 2 Time Machine games (up to 12 players between 2 teams), 2 GOT inspired rooms(same teams as GOT) and 3 Major Plott rooms (2 or 3 teams of up to 6 players). 

Even though the games are staggered on our schedule, we can change that and  start all group games at the same. As things stand , we can  do a team building session for up  to 50ppl at a time, right in the heart of Belfast City Centre .

Budget around about £12 per person.

Games take around 60 minutes, but it’s best to budget around about 90 minutes for your team building event , from arrival to leavi

All About Escape Rooms.

Escape rooms are live adventure games , usually designed for 4 to 5 players in a team. The team is given a mission or goal at the start of the game and a time limit in which to accomplish their goal. The escape room or series of rooms, will be themed to suit the adventure. 


Fun Activities for Staff Days Out

Games are monitored on cctv and games masters are able to transmit  clues to the teams through tv screens when the team gets stuck for too long. 

As time ticks away, pressure mounts and the game usually ends with teams frantically trying to find the last few clues in the dying minutes. Its exciting and fun and definitely requires teamwork. That’s where the team building comes in to play.

Escape rooms are great fun, and that’s why we say that this is the best team building activity in Belfast City  Centre.

It’s not just us that says team building should be fun, wikipedia agrees with us. You can have a look at wikipedia’s Team Building page, it might give you some ideas.

Hopefully we can  make your Team Building Belfast   event easy for you to organise.