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Team Building  Belfast ?

Are you looking for something different to add to your team building day in Belfast?

Why not do an escape room TEAM CHALLENGE as part  your team building experience in Belfast?

Escape Games have become  one of the most popular corporate team building activities in Belfast.

Escape Rooms Belfast can accommodate groups of up to 35ppl in a session between our 6 escape rooms, right in Belfast city centre.








Are you searching for  a great corporate INDOOR team building idea in Belfast ?

Escape games are a fun, affordable activity that suits all ages. Our games are all based indoor. They are safe and require very little physical ability , so everyone can join in, and feel part of the team.

Because we have 6 different rooms, we can cater for both small and large groups.

Whether you are looking for something fun to add to your staff night out with your small team of 4 or 5, or you are looking for something to challenge your different teams or departments on your corporate day out, we are sure we can come up with a great team building activity that is just right for you.

We offer 3 different games and teams can compete against each other doing the same game if they want. 3 teams ( up to 18 total participants  can all play Major Plotts Revenge at the same time. 2 teams (up to 14 total participants) can all play our Diamond Heist game at the same time.

We have summarised game suggestions and approximate pricing for groups on our FAQS PAGE.

getting your team to work together

Searching  for Team Building Activities Belfast to make your team work together ?

Look no further than Escape Rooms Belfast !

One of the reasons that Escape rooms have become the most popular team building activities all over the world, is that the end solution is only reached after every small link in the chain of events is solved or discovered.

That means that every players contribution to the task is deemed important, as without even the smallest and easiest to find detail, the team will not be able to solve the whole whole puzzle .

It also means when the team rushes out the door at the of the game, everyone can feel that they contributed to the teams overall  success, no matter how large or small their individual contribution.

Each of our games is themed differently. We aim to throw your teams into another world. Each game has a different set of challenges and we try to use different methodologies and puzzles to suit each individual game.

You can be sure that each scenario will be immersive and challenging.

Our escape rooms are themed to be as immersive as possible. We aim to surprise the players by throwing them into unusual enviroments. Who would think that an unassuming set of offices in Belfast city centre opens the portals to outer space, a cold war spy room or even a hundred year old maharajahs secret chamber?

Whether you are arranging a corporate team training day in Belfast city centre for 50 to 100 people, looking for a fun idea  a staff day out, or simply looking  a bit of fun on your team of 4/5 on a night out in the Cathedral quarter, we are sure we can provide an experience that your teams will be talking about long after your event.

inspire your team

  • Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.  

    Micheal Jordan
    Micheal Jordan
  • None of us
    is as smart
    as all of us.

    Neil Blanchard
    Neil Blanchard

team building for  both small and large groups

We design each of our games with 4 players in mind. Teams are welcome to play with either more or less players. The less players that you decide to have in a team should make the game more challenging. However this will mean that if you have less players, there will be more hands on puzzles  per player for the team to solve.

At the end of the day though, our main aim is to provide  great games where everyone feel that they have contributed something to their  teams success.

That’s what makes Escape Rooms Belfast the number one choice for team building activities  in Belfast and also corporate activities in Northern Ireland.

So if you are looking for something to stimulate your team and looking to steer away from the more traditional forms of team building like paint balling, trampolining , segway-ing around the Titanic Quarter, citi golf or treasure hunts around Belfast, maybe its time to try Escape Rooms Belfast as your next team building activity.

Our prices are competitive. We are city centre based directly in Belfast City centre and we are available  7 days, 9am to 9pm.










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