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escape rooms belfast

Escape Rooms Belfast

Home  of the  most popular escape rooms in Belfast,

The Diamond Heist , Major Plott’s Revenge and The Time Machine .

They are  the top rated fun things to do in Belfast on Tripadvisor.


The Diamond Heist

Belfast’s  most popular  escape room.
For 2 to 7 players.
We have 2 of these games so its our ultimate team challenge of up to 14 people.

Major Plott's Revenge

Our classic cold war spy game.
For 2 to 6 players.
We have 2 of these games so its perfect for a team challenge of up to 12 people.



The Time Machine

A sci-fi space adventure.
For 2 to 5 players. 
We have 2 of these games so its great for a head to head challenge of up to 10 people.

best value escape rooms in belfast

£40 for the first 2 players in each game

£10 for each extra player


can you explain a little bit of what escape games are all about ?

Escape room Games are a sort of live version of the crystal maze. We watch the games on cctv and can nudge people along if they get stuck.

You have go into a themed escape room. You are given a mission and have to complete the mission or escape in 60 minutes.

It’s fun and exciting.


  • 2 to 7 ppl in diamond heist escape  rooms
  • 2 to 6 ppl in Major Plott’s revenge
  • 2 to 5 ppl in Time Machine
  • We have duplicates of all the above escape  rooms, so you can do 2 of these groups in team challenges at the same time.
  • the maximum in any big group at one time would be 36 ppl at Escape Rooms Belfast

Where are the escape rooms located ?

We are located in Belfast City Centre , around about one minutes walk from Victoria Square.

Will there be other people involved in YOUR game ?

No. All of our games are private games.

can children play ?

Groups of children of 12 years and over can play. Younger children are fine as part of a family group.

how long do the games last ?

The actual games will take around 60 mins,

but its best to budget 90 mins start to finish for the whole experience.