Escape Rooms Belfast

Escape Rooms Belfast is a brand new  New Escape Games Venue located directly in Belfast City Centre.


ESCAPE HOUR, the highest rated Escape Game in Scotland have just brought their top rated escape rooms to Belfast city centre.

Our Current Games

Major Plott’s Revenge is our classic spy escape room. Your team of secret agents are required to 

enter the office of Major Plott and steal his secret plan. Sound’s easy. 

What if the room is booby trapped ? What happens if he returns early? Are your team ready for the challenge?

There’s only one way to find out. This was  the top rated escape game in Scotland.

We have installed this game in three of our escape rooms.

Coming soon

We will be bringing our latest game The Diamond Heist to Belfast later in the year.


Our Escape  Games

Our current escape game  at Escape Games Belfast, is Major Plott’s Revenge.

Major Plott’s Revenge is  spy escape game , where you must enter the office of an evil spymaster and escape with his secret dossier. It has been  the most popular escape game in Edinburgh over the last year at our Edinburgh site, Escape Hour, having been played in all 3 of our rooms since December. 

Next month, we will be introducing a brand new escape game to Belfast, Mysterium. Watch this space!!

Later in the year, you will be able to play our popular Diamond Heist game, which includes our famous laser maze. Again , watch this space for more details.


Team Challenges

Why not consider booking 2 or 3 escape rooms and do a team challenge? All of your teams  can start their games at the same time and “race” against each other.

This gives the games an added edge as the purpose of the game is not only to escape, but to escape the room faster than the other teams . Team Challenges are great for stag do’s , hen parties and work nights out right in the middle of the Belfast City Centre.

all girls team challenge at escape rooms belfast

The Live Escape Belfast.

Our new escape rooms in Belfast are fun and challenging live exit games .If you are looking for something different to do, then our escape games are definitely on of the best things to do in Belfast.

Our escape games are designed for groups of 2 to 6 players. We have 3 escape rooms and we can accommodate teams of up to 18. Your team will be locked in an escape  room and given 60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles and complete a top secret mission.  Your team must  unravel  codes, find hidden clues and eventually accomplish your mission  and escape. Our escape games will test  your teams ability to work together as a unit . Escape Hour has have the top rating of any escape game in Scotland and we will soon be rated the top escape games venue in Northern Ireland. 

Up until now, Belfast has not had an escape rooms venue in the city centre. People have had to travel out to Dunmurray to do and escape game at escap3d. Unlike escp3d, Escape Rooms Belfast is located directly in the City Centre.

The Live Escape Belfast.

The big question is simply this.

Will you escape? 

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escape rooms belfast hen party


What is an escape game?

 Room escape Games, escape games or exit games , as some people refer to them, are adventure games where teams of players have to escape a mysterious room , usually within 60 minutes.  Teams of people playing at Escape Rooms Belfast are limited to between  between 2 and 6 players per room.

How long does an escape game take?

You are challenged given to escape the room in 60 minutes. In Edinburgh, at Escape Hour, the record for escaping Major Plott’s revenge is 37 minutes.  This was with 6 very good players. Most groups are likely to take between 50 to 60 minutes depending on how good the teams  are.

Is 6 players the maximum number that can play in a room?

Yes. The maximum number of players in a game is 6 people. This is  how many people we think the room can comfortably hold. This  also ensures that there are enough puzzles and different things for everyone to do . If you have more than 6 players , you will have  2 or 3 escape rooms and race against your friends in one of our team challenges.

Can couples play escape games?

Couples are welcome to play our escape games. We can adjust a few things in the games so that its not too much of a disadvantage having only 2 players. 

Can children play?

We prefer under 16 year olds  to be accompanied by an adult. We normally tell parents that the games are suitable for 11 years plus. However we have had quite a few  younger escapees. We have had a few 8/9 year olds who contributed greatly to the family team effort. We find that its  best to leave the decision up to the parents on how old the individual kids should be.

When should we arrive ?

Its best to arrive 5  before your game. We need to give you a small introduction to how  the game is played. Please try not to arrive too early as we have to reset the games from the previous players.

Where are we located in Belfast?

We are located in the very centre Belfast, on the edge of the Cathedral quarter and a couple of minutes walk from the City Hall.


Contact Us

You can use our online booking system to check availabilty and book games.
We can sometimes rearrange the online schedule to suit your needs. Just drop us a mail or give us a ring

  • 07986 277817
  • 33 Church Lane, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT1 4QN

Escape Rooms Belfast

33 Church Lane, Belfast , Northern Ireland, BT1 4QN.